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České Budějovice | The home of Budweiser

The capital of the South Bohemian region is internationally famous for its good beer - Budweiser. The beer culture attracts many tourists, although the city has much more to offer than just the refreshing, tasty drink.

Founded by King Ottokar II of Bohemia in 1256, a day trip to the city offers history, stunning sights and good beer.

Here is everything you need to know to fully experience the biggest town in the South Bohemian region.

Přemysl Ottokar II Square

We parked our van pretty central on one of the streets around the main center, and the square was our first destination - the center of the Old town. The first impression was WOW, the square is enormous. To be precise, the southern side is 132.5 m wide, and the northern side is 137.4 m, which doesn’t make it a square but while standing on that big plaza one definitely forgets about those small details. Its size makes it the second biggest square in the whole of Czechia.