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A day at Lünersee

A nice hike or a gondola ride to the turquoise gem of the Austrian Alps, Lünersee and the stunning mountains surrounding it guarantee a day full of beauty and adventures.

Lüner Lake is a big lake near Bludenz in Vorarlberg, Austria. It is impressive to see a lake 1970 m above sea level.

A day trip to the lake offers fantastic experiences to all families and nature lovers. To reach the lake there are two options: a nice hike or a gondola ride, which will bring you to the top of the mountain.

Gondola or hiking?

At first, we decided to take the gondola, not because of being lazy (okay maybe a bit) but more because of the lack of time. From all the reviews written on google many people state that the walk takes very long, one will need proper shoes and a lot of energy to reach the top.

Well, b*llshit. Yes, the walk is not as easy as a stroll in the park but I wouldn’t call it difficult. As long as you are wearing comfortable shoes (better hiking once but we reached the top with sneakers), some water, and a snack. Take your time and enjoy the stunning views surrounding the hiking trail. No rush to get up, everything around the hike makes you stop and take a picture or just take a moment and enjoy the beauty of it.

After checking the route up we decided that for sure we will walk and get the full experience of the breathtaking nature around.

From the parking slot to the lake it takes not more than 1h 30min. Even with a lot of breaks and stops for pictures, you won’t need more than 2 hours to reach it. On our way up we decided to take a more extreme shortcut, so we walked on the steep rocks. I wouldn’t recommend this path to people inexperienced in hiking and mountain climbing as some parts can be slippery and dangerous. The designated trail is curving around bushes and beautiful plants and it has nice rocks and one bench for a quick rest during the hike.

The last part is the hardest one. Hard but not impossible, on the trickiest parts there is a metal rope for everybody that needs some support. A small river goes through the trail so be careful as your shoes might be a bit wet and slippery at some point. The water is very clean so we took the risk and drank from it, later we learned that it is drinkable water! After a few meters, we saw a designated spot with built-in the rock stairs and a metal tube, perfect for a refreshing sip or refilling your bottle.

Are we there yet?

Just when we thought we were all the way up, another small hill appeared. Steep but very well made with stairs and a few minutes after you are on top. Facing the enormous mountains and the turquoise lake. As you will reach 2000m above sea level, be prepared to put on a jacket or a hoodie as it can get very windy. On the top, you will find toilets, a children playground, and a restaurant with food and beverages.

Mountain peaks, rugged rocks, but also soft green pastures surround the lake. When the sun is out, the crystal-clear water emanates a wonderful turquoise gleam. The lake reflects the mountains in a mirror-like perfection. We stood up for an hour or two appreciating the beauty of everything around us.

During the hike and up we felt so small, surrounded by the gigantic mountains and multiple peaks, which were as if tickling the sky.

While enjoying the views, we spotted many clouds coming from very far. Little did we know, only a few minutes after everything was covered in clouds, so covered that even the lake wasn’t visible. We managed to walk down without getting wet but keep in mind that the weather changes quickly and it is good to have a wind jacket or something to keep you warm.

If you decide to walk around the lake, plan 2 hours more. We saw people with wheelchairs and strollers coming from the gondola and strolling around the lake so that part is accessible for everybody.

The walk down on the proper trail took us not more than 30 minutes

The price of the gondola is 12,40 euro one way and 18,50 euro roundtrip. Children under 6 ride for free; 6-14 years old ride at half price.

I am sure the gondola experience has a lot to offer as you get to experience everything from a higher point of view but in my opinion, hiking up is way nicer.

This part is for the fishing enthusiast, with a day pass for 25 euros, you can catch Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Brook trout, and an Arctic char. Unfortunately, one can catch not more than 6 fish per day.

The parking lot is very spacious and hardly overcrowded. There is a day fee of 4 euros with a maximum of 14 days which will cost you 42 euros. Unfortunately, at the lot, you cannot camp overnight but a few curves down the road there is a specious spot where we and some other campers spent the night.

In case you don’t have a car, the area is accessible by bus, which stops in front of the gondola center.

The lake's depth was raised by 72 meters by the construction of a hydroelectric dam in 1958. The dam supplies water to four local power plants, Lünersee, Rodund I, Rodund II and Walgau.

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