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Sauda - Røldal summer route

Røldalsvegen road is an astonishing road with incredible views. Rv. 520, crosses the mountains between Sauda in Ryfylke and Røldal in Hardanger. The curvy road passes through small villages, rivers, waterfalls, and areas with metric snow. The route from Røldal to Sauda is possibly the most beautiful part of the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke. Expect an exciting experience with a stunning and dramatic landscape when driving on the road. Unfortunately, due to the heavy snow conditions in winter, the road is open only in the summer/autumn.

The road to Sauda twists around forests and rivers, areas without people, not even coverage on the phones. If you are taking the road in the spring or early summer, close to Røldal, you will be surrounded by meters of snow. There are many good places where you can stop and enjoy the view from up. The frozen lakes and mountains covered in snow look like a winter drawing made by a talented artist.

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