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Who are we?

What do we do? What is A Permanent Holiday?


We are Vince and Margarita. A full-time traveling couple passionate about discovering the world. Still in our early 20s, we can proudly say that we have been to more than 35 countries and lived in 5 of them. We have visited 4 continents and lived on 2 of them.

Now, a little bit more in detail...

I am Vince, a photographer, coming from cloudy Belgium.

Born and raised there, at the age of 19 I booked a one-way ticket to Australia. This was the first destination of my world trip. Somewhere in the spectacular landscapes of the continent I lost and found myself. I changed my way of living and thinking. The pandemic completely changed my plans. The planned 3 years turned into 3 months and I was back in Europe. Only a few months after I returned back to Belgium, I booked a one-way ticket to Valencia. In sunny Spain, I spend 11 months. To be honest, often I was regretting my decision to come back to Europe but meeting Maggie changed my way of thinking.

Beside my passion for serving people, I found myself being happy when I can travel and show people the beauty of Mother Earth. Photography brings my stress, thoughts and emotions together and it let me expose my view of the world. Most of us don't even realise what a beautiful world we live in! For me it is a way of showing people that we should take a moment to wonder how beautiful our planet is.

I am Maggie, a Bulgarian girl, dreaming to see the world.

Only 2 months after I graduated from high school I flew one way to Valencia. Studying and living abroad made me realize how much I want to travel and live in different area codes. Since I am 18 I live abroad and this changed completely my mindset. I started to appreciate more the small things and less the expensive ones. Living abroad since a young girl taught me how to be responsible for myself and others. Opened my eyes to all the different paths in life. Going out of your comfort zone isn’t easy. There were many times when I immediately wanted to book my flight home but going through those difficulties made me stronger. Ever since I left Bulgaria I realized how much more of the world I want to see.

My plan was to travel around after I finish my education. Plans change. Due to some troubles in my university and the way the world is changing hourly, I decided to pause my studies for the moment and explore the globe.

Many people are scared to take a year or two off. But I am not. I am not because I do not obey man-made laws. One can be successful and most importantly HAPPY without a degree by the age of 25. We as humans put limits on ourselves. Limits that are absolutely unnecessary. In those times of realization, I met Vince.

It is such a pleasure to find your soulmate in a world full of mad people. Finding someone that shares your beliefs and dreams at a young age is a blessing.

A few months after we met, Vince got a job opportunity and flew to Gran Canaria. It goes without saying that I took the opportunity and I followed. Our life together began on the sunny island next to Africa.

After a few months of working in the biggest beach club on the island, we were a bit done with the burning sun. Luckily, a guy gave us a contact for a hotel in Norway.

Winter season in Norway? Oh yes!

The year 2022nd began with meters of snow in Røldal - the area with the deepest snow in Europe. During our stay in the country of fjords, we worked in a wonderful hotel.

Norway is definitely the number 1 beautiful country we have ever been to. But expensive and cold. Very cold. Meanwhile, we were still in Gran Canaria the dream of having a van got born.

Unfortunately, somehow then it wasn’t the right moment. Everything happens whenever we are ready for it, or at least that is something we believe in.

In March 2022 the right time had come. We bought a lovely Ford Transit, which since then we call home.

At the end of the winter season, we already had enough of the winter wonderland.

What should we do next? Where should we go? How about everywhere?

And just like that, we started planning our Europe trip in 2022.

We were about to cross 27 countries for 3,5 months.

I am not a writer or at least I wasn’t. However, since a small girl, I always enjoyed writing down moments and memories. Vince on the other hand had always been a talented photographer.

1+1 = 2

And that’s how our travel blog got created.

A Permanent Holiday isn’t a sci-fi project of people that never work. We do need money to support our travel dreams. A Permanent Holiday is about enjoying our life, enjoying every moment of the day, and sharing our memories with the world. We want to show that people can travel even without being millionaires.

Wanna know more about our journey, dreams, memories, and experience? Check out our blog!

Last but not least,

If you like our story, and you want to help us continue living our dream while we keep you updated on travel tips and low-budget destinations , you can sponsor us by buying one of our PICTURES on Canvas as HOME DECORATION.

! IMPORTANT NOTE: All the money goes to our travels!

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