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16.01 Monday Marrakech vol. 1

Dear Diary,

Arriving at Marrakech was a complete slap.

As we were driving on a long calm road as if somebody turned the switch and it was madness. Cars, bikes, motorcycles, people, horses, carriages, more bikes, more motos, road work, people selling sweets, all of this happening on the street.

The first parking we chose was overcrowded so we drove of to another one. We parked the van and quickly got ready for a day in the so famous Marrakech.

Oh my God, what a disappointment! The center of the city is a tourist trap. The biggest scam I have seen. Prices are way too high for Morocco, there is no hospitality. Everybody sees you as a walking purse and tries somehow to get money from you.

Not to mention the exhausted snakes and monkeys on metal leashes, which are there only for people's entertainment.

Once we entered the Medina and the souks (street markets), it became worse. Everyone tried to get our attention and to sell us something by shouting. Even if we didn’t show interest or told them that we didn’t want to buy, they nevertheless tried to negotiate a price.

At some point, we even stopped looking because it was way too much.

The highlight of the day was our experience with a false guide. I read a lot about scammers, who try to “help” by showing you directions and end up bringing you to shops from where they gain a commission.

Thirty minutes later I realized that the scammer who approached us, made us walk in a circle.

We told him goodbye, obviously refusing to pay for his “guidance.” He wasn’t pleased by that, but we couldn’t care less.

Really, the people in Marrakech have 1000th ways to scam you.

We purchased a few things and started walking in direction of the famous square Jemaa El Fna.

Back in the day, it was a place for artists to show off and for others to watch and enjoy.

Now you can find 10 of the same places for food, with very small portions, few street musicians, and the already mentioned animal torturers.

Another minus point for Marrakech. We really don’t understand the hype around this city.

Tomorrow we will give the city another chance.

That’s all for today <3 We will keep you updated on everything that happens on the road during our trip.


Maggie and Vince

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