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17.01 Tuesday Marrakech vol. 2

Dear Diary,

Monday morning we woke up in the middle of Marrakech. Our night cost us only 10 euros! How? We slept on central parking in our van!

We drank a coffee and headed to the Medina (the oldest part of the city) for the last shopping. Vince haggled a good typical Berberian jacket for 40 euros, the original price was 80 euros!

After a quick stop at the car, to drop the bags, we headed towards the Bahia Palace.

There are many gardens, museums, palaces, and places to visit in Marrakech but all of them are at a cost between 7 and 13 euro.

Firstly, I don’t agree to pay such a high price in Morocco, for a super tourist trap. Secondly, If we do, we will go much lower on our budget.

It is not only about the money, but the amounts of people as well. It is absolutely packed!

If you want to take a picture, you might need to wait a few minutes, sometimes in a queue!

Due to all those reasons, we decided to choose one landmark only.

So, we were walking to the Palace, and a few people tried to show us directions (obviously the wrong one), while others told us the Palace is closed for prayer!

Prayer? In the Palace?

Okay then, as Vince and I were checking our Google Maps, another local offered help with directions and confirmed my suspicion that the palace doesn’t close for prayer. Apparently, there are few doors to enter.