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Crossing the border with Morocco by car + documents needed

Documents needed to enter Morocco:

  1. Driver's license and car documents

  2. Local insurance or Green card given from your insurance

  3. Document for car import (normally made by the border officials)

For many people crossing the border goes quickly and easily. With your documents you go to the border, and the officials there create an import document for your car. If you have a Green Card, which you normally obtain from your insurance, you are ready to go. If not you must buy local insurance, sold right at the border (CAT-office).

It is very important to not lose the Document of import.

For our van, the local insurance for two months costed us 1540 MAD (154 euro)

1 EUR = 10 MAD (at the insurance company)

Green Card Document of import

Unfortunately, our experience was way too stressful…

As-Salaam Alaykum or Peace be upon you in Moroccan.

Our journey in Morocco started very stressful. As our car insurance doesn’t cover other continents, only Europe, we had to buy a local one. I spent hours reading how and where to get one. I thought I was already an expert on the topic, so you can imagine my face when the Spanish border police sent us back to Ceuta to buy insurance from Spain, explaining that at the frontier we can’t obtain one.

Ceuta is a small Spanish city, bordering Morocco. Even though it is on the African continent, it is still under the Spanish government. Coming by boat, we had two possible options to enter through Ceuta, Spain, or Tangier Med, Morocco. As Ceuta offered the cheaper ticket, we chose it without a doubt.