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Street Art in Asilah, Morocco

The whitewashed streets of Asilah, the lively medina, and the sandy beach attract tourists all year round. A lot, though, come especially for the art, hidden all around the town’s mazed streets.

Asilah isn’t many people’s first choice for street art but it definitely has a lot to offer. During the first Arts Festival of the town, in 1978, many artists were invited to decorate the walls. Since then, every year during the festival, new paintings appear on the facades of the bohemian town. Nowadays, artists can join only with a special invitation.

People, animals, landscapes, abstracts, history, and trippy stuff are only a few of the categories you can find while wandering around.

It is not just the street art that is so charming about sunny Asilah but also the little

town is full of artists with shops like galleries. You can find different types of handicrafts. Paintings, pottery, carpets (of course), jewelry, African statues and styles, and a lot more.

Asilah doesn’t thrive all year round. During the colder months, the city shuts down. There are still a few shops and restaurants open but many close due to the low tourist season. This definitely shouldn’t stop you from visiting the white-washed picturesque streets. In the summer months the population triples, so winter is the ideal time to visit the area without a crowd.

That’s all for now <3 We will keep you updated on everything that happens on the road during our trip.


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