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Visit Ouzoud waterfalls, Morocco

Waterfalls, Moroccan souvenirs, and tajine, accompanied by a walk in nature. Who is ready for a day at Ouzoud Falls?

On a sunny winter Sunday, we visited the Ouzoud Waterfall. On our way to Marrakesh, we couldn’t skip the enormous waterfall, falling a total of 110m. It is not only the beautiful nature that attracts tourists and locals to the area. Many restaurants and coffee places are open all year round serving tasty Moroccan dishes and typical fruity drinks. For the ones searching for a souvenir, there you will find tons of them.

From Marrakech by car

Many people visit the cascade from Marrakech. Numerous tours including a guide can be found, but I don’t see why somebody would need a guide there.

The easiest way in my opinion is by renting a car and driving there on your own.


There is guarded parking in the upper part as well as in a lower part of the waterfall.

Parking costs around 10 MAD (1 euro) or whatever you agree on with the guard.

We chose to have a coffee at the nearby Hotel de France and left our car there. We recommend parking in the upper part as from the