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The dramatic nature scenery surrounding the city makes it perfect for all the outdoor lovers. The numerous hikes, lakes and waterfalls are just part of the things to do in Odda.

Living in the middle of the mountains (basically in the middle of nowhere) is pretty fun until the moment you need milk or bread. In our case, the closest store was 4 km away from our place. That store was pretty small, and we often couldn’t find everything we needed. In moments like this one, we had to drive to the city of Odda. Situated 40 km away from Røldal. As we drove there pretty often, we could see the difference in the climate. Even though very high mountains surround the city, it is situated in the low part of them, and the weather is different than the surrounding areas. It was often warmer and sunnier.

Fjords & Scenic Routes

Odda occupies the end of the lesser-known Sørfjord, a narrow 38km long branch fjord of the Hardangerfjord. The Hardangerfjord is the fifth-longest fjord in the world and the second-longest fjord in Norway. The road following along the fjord with a destination to the city is part of the Hardanger national scenic route. Along the way toward the picturesque small town, you will find yourself surrounded by fruit farms, where fruits can be purchased. The city is caught between two national parks of Hardangervidda and Folgefonna. With this impressive scenery of mountains and fjords, it is needless to say that the city is a very popular destination for the outdoors lovers. It is hard to imagine that even though you are standing between those high, enormous mountains, the sea is just in front of you.


The city is a trendy destination for hike enthusiasts. Dating back to the 1830s-1890s, Odda was a popular destination for the English pioneers and the German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm ||, who took annual trips to the mountains of Odda. This comes as no surprise as the famous Trolltunga hike is situated around the corner of the town. Situated (occupying, hovering?) 700 meters above the Ringedalsvatnet lake, this famous and incredibly impressive rock formation attracts people from all over the world. The remarkable views from the hike come at a price. You can do the hike on your own, carefully following the hiking marks, or you can find a guide for a safer experience. Trolltunga is not a hike like every other, and it is recommended to enjoy it with the help of an experienced guide if you aren’t very active/competent in the mountains. If you decide to do it on your own, be sure you have enough food, water, and some extra clothes as the trail can take more than 10 hours (28km), and as you will be in the mountain, the weather can change drastically within minutes.


It’s not only mountains, hikes, and the fjord that attract people to Odda. The town's valley (Oddadalen) is home to two famous waterfalls.

Latefossen falls to a total of 165 meters in two separate flows, joining in the middle right before they go under the road.

The whole experience of Tjornadalsfossen will involve a short hike, but only so you can enjoy the best view of the waterfall. The stream twists and turns in different directions, tumbling down the valley wall.

In rainy months prepare a raincoat jacket as the water jumps and spreads all over. Even when crossing close by with a car, the car wipers will turn on automatically.

Folgefonna Glacier

For ski and snow lovers, a day on the glacier is a perfect plan. There are many activities including blue ice hikes, glacier kayaking, glacier crossing, skiing, and glacier biking trips. The glacier covers a total of 207 sq. km. The snow conditions of the area make it perfect for lovers of summer skiing. Interesting fact, the famous Norwegian brand for water, Isklar, is bottled from the glacier's meltwater. Folgefonna is a collective name for three plateau glaciers in the Hardanger region of Vestland, Norway. Located on the Folgefonna peninsula, in the municipalities of Ullensvang, Kvinnherad, and Etne, the three glaciers are Nordre (northern), Midtre (central), and Søndre (southern) Folgefonna.

Bondhus Lake

Enjoy a hiking day in the Folgefonna National Park with the stunning views of the mountains and the clear waters of Bondhus lake.

The clear turquoise water in the lake, gorgeous view, and magnificent glacier attract tourists nowadays and dating back to the 1800s.

City Tour

If you have planned a city day rather than hiking, you can take a stroll on the pedestrian street of Odda. Take a walk around the port and enjoy a cup of good coffee and a snack in Pause cafe, situated in the center of the town.

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