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Ales Stenar | Sunset at the Stone ship

The Swedish Stonehenge will impress not only with the massive stones but with the views surrounding them. Perfect for a sunrise or a sunset, the area has a specious view over the ocean and cliffs around.

The mystery of the place will surround you the moment you step onto the hills. Situated above the old fishing village of Kåseberga and east of Ystad, you will find one of the most mysterious spots in Sweden.

Theories and formation

The massive 59 boulders rise from the ground, arranged in a 67-meter-long outline in the shape of a ship. Each of the megaliths is just under 2 tones. Nobody knows exactly how or why those megalithic monuments had erected.

There are many theories around why, how, and what are the stones for.

Some people believe it is a burial monument, made by ancient civilizations. Of course, this can be true