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Fairytale castle, Konsmo

In the middle of the forest, hidden between the trees, the fairy tale castle will make your dreams come true. Enjoy the beautiful nature from the window of your living room. Wake up with the sound of the birds and the sun rays stroking your skin.

The castle

The fairytale castle is located just a few minutes away from Treetop island. What a magical place! The three bedrooms make it comfortable for an unforgettable experience for you and your family and friends. The fully equipped kitchen is ready for your fairytale meals. What’s better than cooking while enjoying the view of the forest? With a spacious living room, the castle offers unforgettable days and nights with a stunning view from the French windows porte-fenêtre (“window door”). Enjoy the smell of the forest while sipping wine in the hot tub right in front of the castle.


Feeling more adventures? Take a walk and get lost in the nature surrounding you. Listen to the songs of the birds. The serenade is only for you. There is literally no one else around. Feel the quietness of the forest. The feeling of peace and nature is combined with comfort. A pleasant stay for all the characters of this fairytale is guaranteed. The roomy bathroom makes you forget that you are actually in the middle of the forest. If you have decided to visit the castle in the winter, you don’t have to worry about the cold. The modern fireplace will ensure that your days and nights are warm and cozy.