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How is our travel blog different?

We love to travel and share our stories, however, we aren’t just the typical travel blog. More nature, less restaurants, more barbecue, and less expensive bills are only a few of our choices.

Travel blogs

The internet has a diverse choice of travel blogs. You can easily find thousands (if not more) of travel-related blogs all with their unique charm and type of advice. All of them were created by people like us, people with a passion for traveling, exploring the world, sharing memories and tips.

Many blogs were created for vacation travels and they are based on monthly or yearly ones. Others, like ours, are created by full-time travelers. People who travel daily, seeking new adventures, cultures, and experiences.

A Permanent Holiday

The idea of our blog was born when two soulmates with the same passion for traveling got together.

I can proudly say that we don’t have the typical blog. As we love nature more than the people occupying it, we tend to stay away from the cities. Don’t get me wrong, cities can be awe-inspiring with all the different types of architecture and history, and because of that, they tend to be super busy and overcrowded.

More nature, less cities

We aren’t impressed by man-made things as much as we are fascinated by everything created by nature.

Another side of why we avoid cities is the tourist traps. Many must-sees are surely a must-see, but the capitalism in all the tourist areas is so unpleasant, especially when combined with hundreds and hundreds of other people who came to see the same place at the same time. Have you tried taking a picture in front of a building, church, or whatever top tourist attraction in a city? Then you know how the beautiful picture is full of photobombs, and somehow the magic of it is lost.

Traveling with time pressure

Sometimes we have the time to walk around and enjoy the areas fully. Other times we are on a schedule (yes, travelers do have schedules, well, sometimes), and we prefer to visit a few things out of the big cities rather than spending short and rushed hours in a town deserving days. That’s why in our blog, you will find destinations spread all over the countries. Since we travel in our van, it is easy to skip some places but see others.

Many big cities cannot be reached by car, or parking is very pricey, so Park and ride comes in handy. In case of using out-of-the-city parking, one must plan time for traveling in both directions. Ultimately it is all about enjoying our time, so when in a rush better see a few things rather than run around like crazy with the intention to see everything in the area.