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Quick guide - How to find a room for rent in Valencia?

Planning a move to Valencia and in search of a flat? Then this article is the perfect one for you. Find out how to rent a flat/room and all the tricks you need to know!

Valencia is a city I would recommend to everybody. In another post, I described my journey in this unique Spanish city. The combination between palm trees, iconic architecture, Spanish warm and outgoing mentality, and last but not least, the huge, and I can’t stress it enough, the HUGE beach makes the city a dream place.

I have changed more than seven different rooms/shared flats for my three years of residence there. Not that it is needed, simply that’s my way of living. I cannot live in the same place for too long. I have found numerous flats and rooms for myself and some friends over the years without paying money to agencies. As it is a top Erasmus destination, you will find many student accommodations in Valencia. Wanna know how? Keep reading.

Documents needed

You won’t need anything else but an ID for renting just a room. However, if you want to rent an entire flat, you will need an ID, also a private owner might ask you for a bank statement or work one as proof you can afford the flat.

Deposit & Rent prices

Again, things are different for a room and flat. For a room only, you will be asked for a deposit (fianza) equal to one month's rent, which will be given back to you after you finish the contract. Usually, for a whole apartment, the deposit equals 2 or 3 month rents, but this also depends on different owners/agencies. Be careful some private owners do not give back the deposit after the end of the contract. Luckily, I never had