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Røldal | The deepest snow in Europe

The deepest snow in Europe sounds impressive, huh? Well, it is! We arrived in Røldal at the beginning of January, and honestly, the first impression was pretty disappointing. There was a little bit of snow here and there. The situation was different at the mountain top, where the ski center is situated. A lot of snow and perfect conditions for skiing. The Norwegians around us made sure that we knew that this was not normal for the area, especially at this time of the year and we should be prepared because the snow will come. And it came! A few days later, everything, and I mean everything, was covered in meters of snow.


Moreover, it didn't just snow for a few hours or days. It didn't stop for weeks. Not only that, it didn't stop, but it kept snowing for three months, with few days of sun or days with no snow but minus temperatures and clouds covering the sky. I am writing this post in the middle of April, and guess what? Yup, the snow is still outside, yup, that same snow, even though it had turned into ice rather than snow.

Norwegians take a lot of care of their roads in the winter and the streets are perfectly clean from the snow. The situation is different on the side of the road, a few centimeters or even meters different.