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The southernmost tip of mainland, Norway

The southernmost point of Norway is home to the oldest lighthouse in the country. From the lighthouse, a combination of rocks, blue ocean, and elevation result in a magical experience with breathtaking views.

After visiting Kristiansand, we continued west to check the southernmost tip mainland of Norway. It is situated only an hour's drive from Kristiansand, and it is completely worth the drive! The route goes through small villages and lower (than the usual) sea level. The feeling of driving through curvy mountain ways while the sea is just on the side is indescribable. We were lucky with the high temperatures and warm sun, even though we visited it in March.


Located in Lindesnes municipality, on the southernmost tip, you will find the oldest lighthouse in Norway, dating back to 1656. From the lighthouse, you can reach the North Cape in 2518 km.

The lighthouse story is written on information panels that can be found all over the place. On top of the hill, next to the lighthouse, you can enjoy the views with the help of a single lens telescope, free of charge. Its zoom helps you explore the small islands, lands, and surrounding fjords with excellent visibility to the smallest detail.


Arriving at the lighthouse, we found many free parking spots. The parking wasn’t packed, maybe due to our late arrival or due to the off-season. From the parking slot to the lighthouse, it will take you not more than 5 minutes, or depending on how many pictures you will take on the way but keep your battery and phone memory for the top. The view is breathtaking!

Entrance Fee

As we visited the lighthouse after the working hour, it was out of charge. If you visit it during the open hours, the prices are 100 NOK for adults and 25 NOK for 6-16 years old, kids under 6 can enter for free. The price includes any exhibition they have, and you can enjoy the lighthouse inside. There are few other buildings that can be explored. We did not benefit from it as we visited during the closed time, but it is still definitely worth the visit, and it gives you the tranquility of fewer people (or in our case) no people around!

Gift shop | Restaurant

There is an open café for food and beverages. We also spotted a big facility, restaurant like, probably open only during the summer season.

The gift shop offers all kinds of souvenirs, and the coolest part- you can s