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Tree tent, Konsmo

Tree tent or the perfect combination between a hammock and a tent. Find out how it feels to sleep in a tent hung a few meters above the ground!

I have always been a huge fan of sleeping in hammocks and tents. Imagine how interesting it was for me when I got to know that a tree tent exists. Hanged on three trees, this tent is the best accommodation for everyone with a love for adventures. It can be hung on any height as it has a small ladder that helps access the tent.

We spent only one night in the tent. But what a night! We were hanging a few meters from the ground, situated right next to a lake, giving us a beautiful view over the water and the hills around. Close to the forest, an eco-farm can be found. So you are to enjoy the sounds from all the lovely birds living in the woods and the farm animals. After all, the feeling of waking up from a rooster is thousands of times more pleasant than your alarm every day.

You shouldn’t be worried about the cold, bring a good blanket, and you will sleep perfectly fine! The tent has a mosquito cover and a thicker one, keeping the warm air inside it.

We enjoyed the tent in April, but in Norway, even with low temperatures we weren’t cold. But don’t rush to close the tent too soon! We spent hours lying inside, watching the stars from the comfort of our tent. Ah, it was such a beautiful night!