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Treetop island

Extraordinary treehouse experience

A dreamy treehouse experience on an isolated island in combination with forest aromas, bird’s serenades and kayaking mornings.

You will lie if you tell me that you haven’t dreamed about having a treehouse as a kid. Who hasn’t? Some of y’all had it, but I grew up in a city, in a flat, so we didn’t really have a backyard with some cool trees to build a treehouse on. On my 23rd birthday, my amazing boyfriend made my dream come true!

Treetop island was the place! Wow, the only word that can fully describe this place is - MAGICAL. Okay, maybe as well peaceful, fairytale-like, you got my idea!

Treetop island is a tiny magical island situated in the south part of Norway, only a 40-minute drive from Kristiansand. On the island that is only for you, you will find a few trees, on top of which is built the beautiful treehouse. Take the stairs up and enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding lake and forest. As it is very isolated from everything around, the birds sing for you and you only.

The treehouse

The small house can easily fit five guests + 1. The + 1 is the lucky one as he will get to sleep on the comfortable hammock situated right in front of the fireplace. Yup, no one will be cold, the fireplace keeps the cute house warm and cozy.

Feel like dining inside, or actually, why not outside? On the veranda, you will find benches and a table with a view over the lake. Ahh, what a dream place.

The electricity comes from solar panels, meaning the sun will take care of everything for your stay. No sun? No worries, there is a hydro pump that will get you covered on a cloudy day.


The toilet was the most intriguing part for me. Located under the house, just down the stairs, there is a small wooden structure. There is no need for water or flushing, a bucket of sawdust in the hole will be enough to cover your business. No, it does not smell at all. The toilet has a big window reviewing marvelous views of the lake. No need for cell phones to keep yourself busy, enjoy the sound of the birds and the scenes of nature surrounding you.