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Unique deer safari

A stroll with deer, feeding them and other fun moments in a fence free zoo.

Okay, maybe the title is a little bit exaggerated and it was more of a deer park rather than a safari, but somehow I had to attract your attention, so I can describe to you the incredible moments we had in the Marselisborg Deer Park.

Almost everybody has seen a deer. Maybe on the road, maybe in the forest, but sadly, we see more of their backs as they run from us, rather than the deer itself.

For the majority of my life, I lived in Bulgaria, and there we don’t really have deer parks. In the Scandinavian countries, there are plenty of them, and we finally got to visit one.

Of the many parks, we chose Marselisborg Park, not for anything in particular. We were in the area visiting the Infinity Bridge. The park is spacious, with many benches, bins, and toilets.

Before going to the deer, we bought a few kilos of carrots, as I read that in parks like this one, people can feed the animals with carrots and apples. In a deer park, the entrances are free but there are no animals allowed as the deer are walking freely.

As we entered the park, we saw many signs alerting us that the young animals could get aggressive as they are forming herds at the moment. I could not get how a deer could be aggressive until the moment we started feeding a group of youngsters. Not that they started biting us or whatever. However, they were coming very close, without any fear or doubt. As we continued feeding them, they started to come closer and closer, sniffing our clothes and searching for the carrots.

Once we showed them