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What is life on a permanent holiday?

Build a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Let’s see.. what is a permanent holiday? Well, it means exactly what you read. The everyday feeling of vacation. Freedom, no worries, no stress, and easy life. Okay, I’ll tell you a bit more about it.

What is a holiday? - The non-working days, the days you are passionately dreaming about while at work, waiting for days to pass so the cherished one can come?

Well, we relive this cherished day, every day.

Let’s make some real calculations. The normal work week consists of 40h. If we multiply them by the 48 working weeks per year = 1920 h yearly, multiplied by 40 years of work (from 20-60) equals a total of 76 800 hours. Be honest, how many times did you find yourself at work, checking the clock, waiting for the time to pass. Every hour of our life is precious and should be spent with great joy and happiness. Don’t just wait for the time to pass.

Why not live life as it has to be?

More nature, more travels, more deep breaths, less crowds, more forests, less talking, more silence, more joy.

We decided to dedicate our lives to easy living. Being on a permanent holiday doesn’t mean we do not work. Balance is the key. Find what motivates you, what inspires you, build it and live life as you want it.

Simply, Build a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Our passion – travelling, new places, new countries, new adventures, different crowds, different cultures.

A very important part for us is where we spend our money. When we work, we save, when we don’t work, we travel. We don’t need the newest car, newest iPhone, nor the newest fast fashion clothes to make us happy and to enjoy the beauty of life and nature surrounding us.

Our work area - hospitality. That’s how we combine the best of both worlds. Working in hospitality doesn’t feel like work for us, so we still manage to have happy days, even at work.

The most important ingredient to the Easy Life recipe is joy. Love what you are doing, enjoy the small things and appreciate the world. Nature has so much to give and show to all of us.

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